Bumper Cars on Ice

Xtreme Ice Arena is proud to bring you an Australian First, Bumper Cars on Ice! These bumper cars are fun for all ages and are the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

There is no other place in Australia where you can try these so come on down and give them a go!

Sessions run on the weekends during the school term and every day during the holidays.

For more information about when the Bumper Car sessions are running, check out our session timetable page

Where did the idea come from?

At Xtreme Ice Arena, we are always looking for different ways to give our customers the very best and most unique experience when they walk through our doors. Our management and staff have been involved in ice skating rinks for decades, so our collective thoughts were put together to think of an exciting way to enjoy ice skating on a different level. We believe that our Bumper Cars offer this great experience that you won’t be able to have elsewhere. Unlike most other ice skating rinks, our building is large enough to hold these bumper cars in storage which means there are plenty to go around and have on the ice at the same time!

What are they?

Our bumper cars are basically a big rubber tube, with a seat in the middle that glides across the ice allowing you to take control using the handles on each side and crash into other bumper cars on the ice.

How do they work?

Each car is battery powered and contains small wheels on the bottom of the car that allow it to drive over the ice surface. The car is controlled by two handles on each side and allow the driver to move the car, forwards, backwards, sideways or perform a 360 degree rapid spin! The cars are all controlled by a remote control from the staff member in charge.

Who can try them

Our bumper cars are available for all ages, including young children under 5. Generally, a 5 year old can drive on their own, as long as they can reach the handles. For all other younger children, they can sit with an adult in the car.

Are they safe?

Absolutely! Each car is equipped with a seatbelt for the driver as well as a strong low pressure shock absorbing tube around the outside of the car. The high back pad also protects the driver from movement and bumps from other cars.